2-day course CIP - Innovative cleaning techniques

Thursday 28 November 2019 - Friday 29 November 2019

Two-day Course organised by Burggraaf & Partners B.V.

Burggraaf & Partners has prepared a two-day course Cleaning in Place for producers and equipment suppliers in Food, Feed and Pharma.
It includes all new automatic cleaning systems, not only for pipes and tanks but also the automatic cleaning of open systems such as conveyor belts, filling machines or other equipment. Robot-CIP or r-CIP is the future. In this way you can not only save on total cleaning costs (and down-time), but it is also the only way to guarantee that you can start with clean equipment.

Location: Aristo, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Date: Thursday 28 and Fryday 29 November 2019
Time: 09.00 – 17.00
Costs: € 1.490,- (excl. VAT). A reduction of € 200,- applies for employees of EHEDG company members, and when booked before 15 November.

Trainer: Ir. Wouter Burggraaf, authorised EHEDG trainer

Topics to be covered:
  • Introduction Cleaning in Place
  • Principles Cleaning: soil adhesion, cleaning mechanismes, rheology
  • Detergents and Disinfectants
  • Criteria Hygienic design (accessability)
  • Design CIP-installatie
  • CIP-piping: piping systems, valve and pump choice
  • Spray systems: principles, different types
  • Special techniques: mole systems, emptying with air, measuring water hammering, CIP robot, air/water cleaning
  • Validation CIP-system

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