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Vegetable Oils in Food Technology: Composition, Properties, and Uses


ISBN10: 849328160
ISBN13: 9780849328169

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $169.95
Pages: 337
Publish date: October 2002

Presents contributions from Europe, Asia, and North America Details the composition of crude, refined, fractionated, hydrogenated, and interesterified oils Includes information on the newer 'grades' produced by fractionation, seed breeding, or genetic modification Provides information on component triacylglycerols, fatty acids, minor components, and the major food uses for each oil Vegetable Oils in Food Technology focuses on the major sources of lipids and the micronutrients that they contain. The book provides accessible, concentrated information on the composition, properties, and uses of the vegetable oils commonly found in the food industry. It includes modifications of these oils that are commercially available by means of partial hydrogenation, fractionation, and seed breeding. The major food uses are linked, wherever possible, to the composition and properties of the oils.

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