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Concept Research in Food Product Design and Development

Author: Howard R. Moskowitz , Sebastiano Porretta , Mattias Silcher

ISBN13: 9780813824246

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: 160.00
Pages: 597
Edition: Hardcover
Publish date: April 2005

1. The Business Environment and the Role of Concept Research in that Environment. Part I: Nuts & Bolts, Raw Materials & Ratings. 2. Single Benefits Screening (promise testing) and more Complex Concept Testing. 3. Ideation Strategies & Their Deployment in Concept Development. 4. From Questions and Scales to Respondents and Field Execution. Part II: Experimental Designs, Graphics, Segments and Markets. 5. Systematic Variation of Concept Elements and the Conjoint Analysis Approach. 6. Concepts as a Combination of Graphics. 7. Segmentation Results and the Differential Importance of Categories. 8. International Research and Transnational Segmentation (Chapter written by Bert Krieger). Part III : Advanced Analytics. 9. Believing the Results: Reliability and Validity. 10. Response time as a Dependent Variable in Concept Research. 11. Children Compared with Adults. 12. Pricing Issues in Early-stage Concept Research. 13. Analyzing a Study: Casual-dining Restaurant. 14. Creating Products from Concepts and Vice Versa. 15. Exploratory Modeling and Mapping, Simulating New Combinations, Data Mining. Part IV: Putting the Approaches to Work. 16. Developing from the Ground up: Self-authoring Systems for Text and Package Concepts (Chapter written by Alex Gofman). 17. Deconstruction and competitive intelligence. 18. Bottom-up Innovation: Creating Product Concepts from First Principles (Chapter written by Roberto Cappuccio). 19. Creating a Cyberspace Innovation Machine (Chapter written by Laurent Flores and Andrea Maier). Part V: Databasing. 20. Creating an Integrated Database from Concept Research The It! Studies (Chapter written by Hollis Ashman and Jacqueline Beckley). 21. Highlights and insights from The It! Studies: Crave It! and Eurocrave (Chapter written by Tracy Luckow). 22. Highlights and Insights from the Drink It! Study (Chapter written by Angus Hughson). 23. Understanding Brand Names in Concepts. 24. Emotion in concepts (Chapter written with the help of Hollis Ashman). Part VI: The Grand Overview. 25. Concept Development and the Consumer-insights Business (Chapter with the help of Jeffrey Ewald). 26. Scientific & Business Realpolitik: Insights from selling new ideas for Concept Research. 27. Two Views of the future: Structured Informatics and Research. Index