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Appetizers For Dummies

Author: Dede Wilson

ISBN13: 9780764554391

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: Ä14.00
Pages: 264
Edition: Paperback
Publish date: September 2002

First impressions count, and nothing makes a better first impression on dinner guests than those delectable little nibbles that you set out before the main course. And you donít have to limit yourself to serving appetizers at the beginning of a meal. Appetizers are first and foremost about entertaining. They set the tone and the mood of an occasion, whether itís a formal dinner, an intimate get-together, or a big birthday bash. And, best of all, the cooking times are short, the ingredients are simple to find (mostly), and itís easy to make a few different recipes at the same time so you can impress your guests with a festive assortment. In Appetizers For Dummies , celebrity chef, Dede Wilson shows you how to make foolproof recipes for 75 mouthwatering, bite-sized wondersóranging from an Italian-inspired antipasto to a classic shrimp cocktail. Step-by-step, she fills you in on everything you need to know to: Impress your guests with delicious finger food and first courses Whip up everything from the classics to original, exotic, and offbeat appetizers Plan parties with theme menus that will get rave reviews from your guests Experiment with flavors and international cuisines Whether youíre looking for general ideas about designing appetizer menus or helpful lists of conventional ingredients, itís all here. Among other things, youíll discover: Helpful lists of pantry ingredients and how to use them to make appetizers almost instantly Ready-to-go menus for all occasions Recipes for munchies that can be eaten by the handful, as well as recipes for traditional favorites like deviled eggs and crab cakes How to expand your culinary horizons with tea sandwiches, quesadillas, puff pastries, tartlets, muffins, biscuits, and dozens of ethnic recipes Plated recipes for formal occasions, including artichokes with vinaigrette, smoked salmon, caviar, foie gras, and more Whether youíre new to the world of appetizers or youíve been delighting guests with your famous finger foods and hors díoeuvres for years, Appetizers For Dummies is the ultimate guide to spicing up any gathering with delicious mini culinary creations.