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Biscuit, Cookie, and Cracker Manufacturing, Manual 6: Packaging & Storing


ISBN10: 1855732971
ISBN13: 9781855732971

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $79.95
Pages: 74
Publish date: January 1998

Health and safety issues Key processes Common problems Equipment care, cleaning and maintenance Useful reading references for additional study. This sequence of manuals addresses key issues such as quality, safety and reliability for those working and training in the manufacture of biscuits, cookies and crackers. Each manual provides a self-sufficient guide to a key topic, full of practical advice on problem-solving and troubleshooting drawn from over 30 years in the industry Packaging o Wrapping Operations o Storage o Troubleshooting Tips This manual describes what is involved in the packaging of biscuits- the procedures used to protect and offer biscuits for sale.

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