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Food Science and Food Biotechnology


ISBN10: 1566768926
ISBN13: 9781566768924

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $199.95
Pages: 360
Publish date: February 2003

Provides an in-depth review of molecular food biotechnology with comprehensive reference citations Focuses on alternative and emerging technologies for food and dairy products, stressing current practice and future trends Discusses the impact of modern food biotechnology on emerging food materials Presents current coverage of basic and applied issues in food biotechnology Includes an up-to-date discussion of the biotechnology of vegetable pigments Describes state-of-the-art equipment and techniques Thoroughly analyzes specific examples of upstream and downstream processes, which aids in understanding the underlying principles and the similarities between applications Includes a chapter on protein crystallography and its impact on biotechnology This groundbreaking book provides a balanced and organized discussion of the interactions of food science and biotechnology at the molecular and industrial levels. Carefully selected and reviewed contributions stress the aspects of modern bioprocessing, analysis, and quality control that are common to both food science and biotechnology. The unique coverage includes discussions of the dehydration of biological products and the stability of enzymes, which provide a modern vision of mass and heat transfer in dehydration and the phase transition of biocatalysts. Also included are a well-organized, state-of-the-art chapter on crystallography and its impact on biotechnology and discussions of non-conventional regional products, including the impact of pigments and aroma biogeneration on these products. Emphasizing emerging technologies, Food Science and Food Biotechnology presents combined methods of preserving food and biological materials.

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