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The Organic Food Shopper's Guide

Author: Jeff Cox

ISBN13: 9780470174876

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: 11.00
Pages: 320
Edition: Paperback
Publish date: March 2008

The most comprehensive and useful organic food shopping guide ever published, complete with more than 100 recipes U.S. organic food sales are expected to top $43 billion in 2010, and, with retail giant Wal-Mart and supermarket chains now moving aggressively to sell more organic food, the market is poised for even greater growth in the future. The Organic Food Shopper's Guide gives consumers the essential, easy-to-digest information they need on over 100 organic foods sold today-from vegetables and fruits to meat, poultry, and dairy. The book offers straight talk on why it is important to eat organic food and detailed ingredient-by-ingredient guidance, offering at-a-glance information on Season, Good Varieties, Nutritional Highlights, What to Look For, and Storage and Preparation Tips, plus kitchen notes and more than 100 delicious recipes. For the growing number of people shopping for organic food, this book will be an essential companion. Jeff Cox (Kenwood, CA) was an editor of Organic Gardening magazine in the 1970s and helped lead the fledgling organic movement from a fringe idea to a mass market phenomenon. A member of the James Beard Foundation and the host of Your Organic Garden on PBS and Grow It! on HGTV, he is the author of 17 books, including the James Beard Award-nominated The Organic Cook's Bible (978-0-471-44578-4). His Web site is