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In Control: A Guide for Teens with Diabetes

Author: Jean Betschart-Roemer , Susan Thom

ISBN13: 9780471347422

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: €8.00
Pages: 128
Edition: Paperback
Publish date: August 1995

How to Make the Best Choices About Your Health Finally, a book about diabetes that you?ll actually want to read! This helpful and highly readable guide explains everything you need to know to get you through the teen years. Straightforward and current, this one-of-a-kind book tackles the issues and answers the questions you may face, including: Is it time for me to handle more of my diabetes care? What can I do about mood changes? What about junk food or fast food? When should I tell my boyfriend or girlfriend about my diabetes? Does diabetes affect my sexuality? How do I choose, talk to, and negotiate with my medical team? ”Practical, meaningful, and highly enjoyable. There are not many books out there for teenagers with diabetes. In Control fills a gap and really meets that need.” ?JoAnn Ahern, RN, MSN, CDE Pediatric Diabetes Clinical Nurse Specialist, Yale University ? Books to Fund a Cure ? A portion of this book?s proceeds will go to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International, a not-for-profit voluntary health agency, whose primary objective is to support and fund research to find the cause, cure, treatment, and prevention of diabetes and its complications. Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Library Illustrator P.S. Mueller?s cartoons appear in more than 30 major city weekly newspapers throughout the country and in such magazines as Harper?s, Health, The Esquire Gentleman, Hippocrates, and The Utne Reader.