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Keys to the Cellar: Strategies and Secrets of Wine Collecting

Author: Peter D. Meltzer

ISBN13: 9780471473596

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: €26.00
Pages: 272
Edition: Hardcover
Publish date: September 2006

”Peter D. Meltzer, Wine Spectator's auction correspondent for morethan twenty years, is the foremost authority on wine collecting. His book offers expert guidance for beginners and connoisseurs alike.” —Marvin R. Shanken, Editor and Publisher, Wine Spectator ”Peter Meltzer is an authoritative journalist, savvy collector,and urbane restaurant and wine list critic; he makes theideal companion and counselor for wine collectors.” —Michael Batterberry, Editor in Chief and Publisher, Food Arts ”Keys to the Cellar is fascinating, informative, and easy to read; with this book, you will truly understand the ins and outsof buying wines for your personal cellar.” —Kevin Zraly, educator and author of Windows on the World Complete Wine Course A true wine-lover who knows the value of a well-aged bottle, Peter Meltzer both celebrates and demystifies wine collecting in Keys to the Cellar . His appreciation of fine wine flavors every page as he gives you a practical approach to building a collection that fits your preferences, your lifestyle, and your budget. You'll find information on: Buying and selling wine at auction, including valuable insider tips Bidding at online wine auctions Using the Web to calculate a wine's true value or locate a hard-to-find bottle Making the best use of fine wine merchants Storing and enjoying your wine—both every day and over the long term As a bonus, this guide includes a user-friendly Wine Spectator auction index, an invaluable tool for researching the ”going rate” for more than 500 top auctioned wines. Whether you are just getting started or want to enhance your collection, this is a book you'll savor again and again—like your favorite fine wines.

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