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Biochemistry of Vitamin A


ISBN10: 849368901
ISBN13: 9780849368905

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $375.00
Pages: 240
Publish date: September 1989

Storage of retinol/retinyl esters in liver cells Plasma/Cellular retinoid-binding proteins The involvement of Vitamin A in division and differentiation of epithelial cells Effects and dangers of hypervitaminosis in humans Vitamin A in prevention and cure of cancer The main emphasis of this text is on the biochemistry, metabolism and systemic mode of action of vitamin A. The physiological, biochemical and nutritional aspects of naturally occurring retinoids are clearly addressed. Chapters review biogenesis, absorption, storage, transport, and metabolic transformations of vitamin A. Further discussion includes vision and bacteriorhodopsin, vitamin A deficiency and hypervitaminosis A, and the vitamin A in prevention and cure of cancer.

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