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Eating Korean: From Barbecue to Kimchi, Recipes from My Home

Author: Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee

ISBN13: 9780764540783

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: €24.00
Pages: 272
Edition: Hardcover
Publish date: January 2005

Experience the savory secrets of the ”other” Asian cuisine In Eating Korean, the gifted food writer and award-winning chef Cecilia Hae Jin-Lee invites us to join her in discovering the unique cuisine and culture of her native land. Pairing delectable, authentic recipes with personal recollections and details on Korean traditions, Eating Korean offers an accessible and tempting introduction to the fresh and flavorful world of Korean cooking. ”Cecilia's stories remind me of my childhood. You can picture everyday Korean life while reading this book. The recipes keep Korean traditions well, yet are easy to follow. This is the best Korean cookbook published in English.” ?Sejung Kim, Media/PR Manager, Korean Cultural Center ”Eating Korean contains not just recipes, but charming sketches of Korean life that bring this delicious, healthful cuisine to life. The recipes are so clear and simple, I'll use them often.” ?Barbara Hansen, and James Beard Award?winning author

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