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Vegetarian Nutrition


ISBN10: 849385083
ISBN13: 9780849385087

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $99.95
Pages: 576
Publish date: March 2001

Presents information from scientific sources and research Offers a broad perspective on global and lifecycle issues Covers various diet regimens, health concerns, and energy expenditure Suitable for a one semester graduate course in the consumer and nutritional Sciences, and in public health Approximately 12 million U.S. citizens consider themselves vegetarians, and 13.5 percent of all U.S. households claim to have at least one family member practicing some form of vegetarianism. In the past 30 years, scientific endeavors in the area of vegetarian nutrition have progressively shifted from investigating dietary concerns held by nutritionists and other health professionals to creative solutions for various medical conditions and preventive approaches to chronic diseases. Although professional interest in vegetarian nutrition has now reached unprecedented levels, scientific knowledge regarding vegetarian diets and their positive effects on human health is far from complete. Vegetarian Nutrition provides data to explain the preventive role of vegetarian diets for many chronic diseases such as heart disease and some types of cancers while including recommendations and guidelines for vegetarians and those prescribed vegetarian diets. Based on scientific sources and research, and presenting information in both tabular and prose formats, the book details various diet regimens, health concerns, and energy expenditure. This handbook is written for academic and clinical nutritionists, dieticians, and graduate students in nutrition ad public health, with each chapter rendering a scholarly review of the particular topic. While considering both health benefits and nutritional concerns Vegetarian Nutrition addresses such topics as chronic disease prevention, adequacy of the diet for children, in pregnancy, lactation, and for the aging population, recommendations for a healthy vegetarian diet, and global perspectives.

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