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Food Plant Engineering Systems


ISBN10: 1566769698
ISBN13: 9781566769693

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $119.95
Pages: 288
Publish date: June 2002

Uses a systems approach to discuss the features and characteristics of the service systems that allow for plant optimization Presents a summary of the engineering aspects involved in food plant engineering Focuses on the path of the system that comprises the essential peripherals or services Pumps. Boilers. Power transmission. Water treatment. Waste disposal. Efficient lighting. Maintain them, and you'll experience optimal performance. Ignore them, and the system will collapse. While many texts adequately describe the processing lines used in food manufacturing, none address the importance of the ancillary equipment that allows the plant to operate. Food Plant Engineering Systems fills this gap by focusing on these crucial but frequently forgotten parts of the system. With clear, easy-to-understand language, this book details the bits and pieces that keep systems running and explains how they fit within the bigger picture: Properties of fluids Pumps and piping Electrical systems including motors, starters, electrical heating and lights Steam generation and heating systems Cooling and refrigeration systems Water and waste and material handling systems Food plant design, including site, foundations, floors, walls roofs, drains, and insulation Safety and EPA regulations Getting all the units to work together as a well-orchestrated system is what manufacturing design and management are all about. This book provides the first truly comprehensive look at food plant operation. Food Plant Engineering Systems ensures that all elements of the system are properly balanced to efficiently accomplish the job.

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