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Packaging Closures and Sealing Systems


ISBN10: 849328071
ISBN13: 9780849328077

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $139.95
Pages: 264
Publish date: November 2006

Examines all of the relevant issues in packaging closure design, from aesthetics to functionality Discusses the currently available packing closure technologies, organized by pack type Covers a range of package types, from metal, plastic, and glass containers to flexible and composite packaging Considers the issues of child resistance, tamper evidence, and openability Packaging closures have undergone much evolution and development in recent years, and their functions have grown beyond simply allowing easy access and reclosing, This volume examines the technologies relevant to packaging closures and sealing systems and features chapters contributed by top professionals in the packaging industry. To date, this is the only book dedicated to this important area. It is organized according to the various types of packaging--metal, glass, plastics, flexible, and composite containers--and includes a chapter that explores child resistance, tamper evidence, and openability and another that examines quality assessment.

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