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Food consumption and disease risk: Consumer-pathogen interactions


ISBN10: 849391571
ISBN13: 9780849391576

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $239.95
Pages: 456
Publish date: December 2006

Thoroughly addresses the issues of pathogens and their control in food Focuses on contamination risks at various stages in the processing of foods Discusses handling, processing, packaging, and refrigeration issues in depth Traces food products from the farm to the kitchen and explains how to control pathogens at each step Interactions between foodborne pathogenic agents and consumers that affect the risk of consumers catching foodborne diseases are essential knowledge for microbiologists, R&D and QA staff in the food industry. This collection reviews important issues in the relationship between consumers and foodborne bacteria, viruses and parasites. It presents a broad picture of aspects that increase or decrease exposure to foodborne pathogens, such as globalization of the food supply and trends in food processing. The book addresses host factors that influence foodborne disease (age, genetics and underlying illness) and characteristics of pathogenic agents that influence interaction with human hosts.

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