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Dairy Processing: Improving Quality


ISBN10: 849317584
ISBN13: 9780849317583

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $279.95
Pages: 536
Publish date: August 2003

Reviews key advances within the dairy processing industry and their impact on product quality and safety Explains the major components of milk including lactose, lipids, proteins, and salts Explores methods to improve the nutritional quality of milk Discusses aspects of product quality and safety, from flavour, texture, shelf-life and authenticity to the increasingly important area of functional dairy products Covers the major technological advances in the sector Analyzes cheese manufacturing topics such as the acceleration of ripening, NSLAB and cheese quality, the production of smear cheeses, and flavour formation The dairy sector continues to be at the forefront of innovation in food processing. With its distinguished editor and international team of contributors, Dairy Processing: Improving Quality reviews key developments and their impact on product safety and quality The first two chapters provide a foundation for the rest of the book, summarising the latest research on the constituents of milk and reviewing how agricultural practice influences raw milk quality. The remainder of Part 1 focuses on key aspects of safety: good hygienic practice, improvements in pasteurisation and sterilisation, and the use of modelling to assess the effectiveness of pasteurisation. Part 2 reviews some of the major technological advances in the sector. It discusses on-line control of process efficiency and product quality, shelf-life, high pressure processing, drying and the production of powdered dairy products, and the use of dissolved carbon dioxide to extend the shelf-life of milk. Part 3 looks in detail at key advances in cheese manufacturing. This volume serves as a standard reference for the dairy industry in improving process efficiency and product quality.

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