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Sweet Gold volume 1 - Cakes Desserts Sugar

Author: Bernd Siefert

ISBN13: 9783875151015

Publisher: Matthaes Verlag GmbH

Price: €74.00
Pages: 336
Edition: Hardcover
Publish date: January 1970

The finest confections and patisserie ? Bernd Sieferts? creations are works of art: innovative, modern, exceptional and a true delicacy. The first volume of the Sweet Gold series covers cakes, desserts and decorative sugar pieces. But not just any ? these are Bernd-Siefert creations with humble names such as ?Mexico?, which gives little indication of the fact that this is a dessert made of baked coconut froth with caramelised muscat bananas and a sorbet of quark, chilli and mango. If you think you know your chocolate cakes then you should get to know Bernd Siefert?s Chocolate Cake Valencia: an airy almond brittle sponge base with a couverture coating, fresh orange cream and chocolate praline mousse that melts on your tongue, covered with ?Noir?, a superb chocolate icing. His creations are a fireworks display of tastes: exciting, unusual, but also complementary and in harmony with each other. Last not least it is Bernd Siefert?s decorative sugar pieces that make this book so exceptional: The filigree stork on his nest of sugar twigs is a work of art, the orange/lavender/truffle sculpture is reminiscent of Dali and Picasso ? 12 examples of how to blow, pull and model sugar professionally. Step by step. 24 cake creations, innovative and modern, but also classics in a new interpretation by Bernd Siefert 24 dessert compositions, master class patisserie 12 decorative sugar pieces ? including an illustrated step-by-step instruction on how to make them. A comprehensive course for beginners and advanced students alike. Born in 1967, Bernd Siefert is a pastry chef and confectioner by passion. Many of his sweet temptations have gained gold awards. This globetrotter, with his rootes in the Odenwald region of Germany, has won titles such as German Champion, World Cup Vice-Champion, as well as World Pastry Champion. When film stars, fashion gurus and sheikhs call for exquisite desserts, they often ask for Bernd Siefert. Other regular callers are broadcasting and television companies. Consultant for exclusive brands in the sweets industry, lecturer at Further Eduction colleges, food stylist, as well as manager of his own family-owned café: these are just a few of his many attributes.