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Greece, The Food and Cooking of

Author: Jan Cutler

ISBN10: 754815498
ISBN13: 9780754815495

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: 16.99
Pages: 256
Edition: Hardback with plc and jacket
Publish date: June 2005

A collection of 150 wonderfully flavoured classic Greek recipes using popular traditional ingredients Over 700 colour photographs, with stunning pictures of every finished dish Easy-to-follow illustrated step-by-step instructions to ensure perfect results every time Delicious recipes for every occasion - mezes, family meals, summer barbecues and celebrations Complete nutritional information for every recipe The food and cooking of Greece is a culinary heritage shaped by the the sun, the sea and the rich Mediterranean land. It makes full use of ripe summer fruits, herbs and vegetables, particularly tomatoes and olives, to produce the foundations of dishes that are healthy and bursting with flavour, mixing these basics with signature ingredients plucked straight from the surrounding landscape - succulent lamb, freshly-caught fish, such as swordfish, hake, tuna and squid, yogurt, feta cheese, and bread baked slowly in smokey local ovens. This book is all about translating and recreating the evocative tastes, textures and traditions of Greek food and cooking easily and simply into your own kitchen.The introductory section of this book opens with a history of Greek cuisine and its regional influences, and then gives full details of how to choose and store the best ingredients and how to prepare these foods in the traditional method, using traditonal equipment and techniques. Then the recipes section offers more than 150 authentic dishes, both classic and modern - mezes, soups, main meals, vegetable dishes and desserts. Every recipe is tested for the modern kitchen and uses ingredients that can now be found in the local supermarket. All recipes are illustrated step by step, demonstrated visually so they are easy to follow and copy with confidence, and there is a glorious photograph of every finished dish, to show the reader exactly what to aim for.Mezes include such delights as Aubergines with Tomato Topping, Stuffed Vine Leaves with Rice and Spring Herbs, and Fried Squid. For the main meal, there are wonderful dishes such as Spring Lamb Casserole with Fresh Peas, and Veal Escalopes from Corfu. For those with a sweet-tooth, mouthwatering specialities such as Walnut Cake and Sifnos Cheese and Honey Tart are served for dessert. This glorious book will allow you to recreate the flavours, aromas and colours of sunny Greece and its neighbouring islands in your own cooking and entertaining.