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Flavonoids: Chemistry, Biochemistry and Applications


ISBN10: 849320216
ISBN13: 9780849320217

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $249.95
Pages: 1256
Publish date: September 2005

Features the first-hand experience of world-renowned researchers in the field Reviews each class of flavonoids and gives a complete listing of all 8150 known flavonoids in all major flavonoid groups Documents the plants from which novel flavonoids reported in the last decade are derived Explores the determination of flavonoid content of specific foods and beverages and their connection to potential health benefits Documents physiological functions of flavonoids in plants and animals Provides the first review of flavonoid-protein interactions Advances in the flavonoid field have been nothing short of spectacular over the last 20 years. While the medical field has noticed flavonoids for their potential antioxidant, anticancer and cardioprotectant characteristics, growers and processors in plant sciences have utilized flavonoid biosynthesis and the genetic manipulation of the flavonoid pathway in plants to improve the nutritional and ornamental value of crops. Flavonoids: Chemistry, Biochemistry and Applications covers each class of flavonoid and presents the historic advances made in flavonoid research since the 1994 publication of an earlier text, Flavonoids Advances in Research Since 1986. This book details the analytical techniques scientists have used to achieve an improved understanding of flavonoid structures and functions as well as advances in the genetic manipulation of the flavonoid pathway, and the discovery of many new flavonoids. It indicates which techniques are best suited for the isolation and structure determination of flavonoids and whether the structures are novel. While explaining how to evaluate the flavonoid content in food and beverages, the book reveals the biotechnological advances that have allowed nutritionists and plant physiologists to assess the possible effects of flavonoids. As interest regarding the impact and health benefits of flavonoids continues to grow, Flavonoids: Chemistry, Biochemistry and Applications reflects the continuing commitment of flavonoid researchers to the improvement of human health and provides the most comprehensive, up-to-date source of information for all known flavonoids.

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