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The Encyclopedia of Sauces, Pickles and Preserves

Author: Christine France Catherine Atkinson Maggie Mayhew

ISBN10: 754816818
ISBN13: 9780754816812

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: 14.99
Pages: 512
Edition: Hardback with plc and jacket
Publish date: August 2006

Add something special to every type of dish for every kind of occasion, with over 400 sweet and savoury sauces, salsas, dips, dressings, marinades, jams, jellies, pickles, relishes, preserves and chutneys Quick and easy recipes for creamy dips, hot and fiery salsas, tasty relishes, spicy marinades and simple dressings: try calvados and apple sauce for pork, sweet pepper salsa for fish, or basil and lemon mayonnaise for salad Traditional and original preserves range from green tomato relish and spiced apple mincemeat to quince and coriander jelly and blueberry and lime jam. Step-by-step techniques and recipes for all the classic accompaniments, from a basic white sauce and the perfect gravy to marmalade and dill pickles. More than 1400 glorious specially shot photographs, with every recipe shown step-by-step to ensure success Helpful tips and inspiring variations throughout Includes a complete nutritional analysis of each recipe, fat, carboyhdrate, salt and calorie counts to help dietary planning Make every meal memorable with this practical and accessible guide to sweet and savoury sauces, salsas, relishes, chutneys, pickles, dips, mustards, marmalades, jellies and jams. Over 400 original recipes add an inspirational touch to every conceivable kind of meal, whether it's a rich gravy for a roasted leg of lamb, a tangy orange sauce for duck, a quick crunchy satay for shredded vegetables or a stunning series of party dips, tangy dressings, sweet chunky chutneys, cooling raitas, fresh fruit coulis or rich dessert creams. A comprehensive reference section covers all the techniques, equipment and ingredients needed. Beginning with a guide to hot stocks, sauces and salsas, learn how to whisk a creamy hollandaise sauce to just the right consistency, prevent a sweet egg custard curdling, achieve just the right amount of citrus tang in an oil-based dressing or blend chocolate and cream to create a dreamy dessert topping. In addition, preserving roots and fruits - one of the oldest culinary arts - is brought up to date with all the necessary know-how to slow-cook, caramelize, set and strain. From sealing jars with paraffin wax to making microwave lemon curd, this delightful mix of old and new culinary wizardry will enable every cook to perfect their own jellies, jams and fruit curds. The individual recipes are arranged in helpful categories for speedy reference. Beginning with quick and easy classics such as Italian plum tomato sauce, horseradish, salsa verde, spicy corn relish, piquant pesto and creamy blue cheese dip, the reader can then progress to more involved recipes such as seedless raspberry and passionfruit jam, cranberry jelly, red onion marmalade and sweet piccalilli. Thanks to full advice on presentation, labelling and storing, many of these recipes will also make fantastic gifts, such as Christmas chutney, tarragon and champagne mustard, rumtopf, spiced apple mincemeat or forest berries in kirsch.From firm favourites such as Bolognese sauce, hot pepper salsa, mango chutney, pickled onions and fine lime shred marmalade to stand-alone sweet preserves such as apricots in amaretto and mulled pears, this inspiring kitchen compendium will leave ready-prepared supermarket preserves sitting on the shelf.