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Fundamental Food Microbiology, Third Edition


ISBN10: 849316103
ISBN13: 9780849316104

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $96.95
Pages: 624
Publish date: December 2003

Features Just as the previous editions of this highly regarded text responded to the transitions of their time, the third edition reflects the current evolution of food microbiology and explores the most recent developments in the discipline. Completely revised and updated, Fundamental Food Microbiology, Third Edition includes the latest information on microbial stress response, food biopreservatives, recent pathogens of importance (such as Helicobacter pylori and BSE), and control by novel processing technologies. A new chapter addresses foodborne disease concerns in ready-to-eat foods, and an expanded chapter on microbial stress investigates the importance of stress response in foods. The book features updated coverage of spoilage bacteria in refrigerated foods, presents new sections on fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, and includes questions and selected readings at the end of each chapter. Providing comprehensive information on the interactions of microorganisms and food, this timely resource enhances understanding of food microbiology in a logical and concise manner. It will be a valuable reference for professionals and students involved in food and microbiology.

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