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500 Desserts

Author: Ann Kay

ISBN10: 754815366
ISBN13: 9780754815365

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: 14.99
Pages: 256
Edition: Hardback with plc and jacket
Publish date: May 2005

500 delicious, indulgent and tempting desserts for every occasion Choose from classics such as profiteroles, lemon meringue pie and apple crumble or experiment with more exotic international dishes like tiramisu or brandy-soaked borracho cake from Spain Specially selected recipes are perfect for any time and any event - from a quick-and-easy scoop of homemade ice cream, to healthy weekday sweets for the family, and dazzling confections for a grand dinner party Over 500 glorious colour photographs to inspire cooks of every level of expertise and show exactly how the finished dish should look Includes many specially developed healthy low-fat recipes with the full flavour and rich taste of real treats At-a-glance nutritional notes accompany every recipe, detailing energy values as well as cholesterol, fat, carbohydrate, sugar and protein content Desserts are the ultimate culinary treat - indulgent confections to pamper the tastebuds and allow free reign to the cook's imagination. Whether treating yourself to a rich chocolate mousse on an evening in alone, enjoying a citrus sorbet on a hot summer's day, keeping the family's winter colds at bay with a hot fruit pudding or impressing guests with a spectacular meringue creation - desserts will rise to all occasions.The book opens with a short introduction covering the main ingredients, techniques and simple equipment needed to make the recipes, with cook's tips and advice on buying, storage and preparation.The main section of 500 recipes then provides all the dessert dishes you are ever likely to need: cold and hot desserts, healthy but enticing low-fat and low-calorie options, easy dishes for those in a hurry. Here are delicious versions of all the favourite classics, from a rich vanilla ice-cream or fruit summer pudding to lemon meringue or syrup sponge. Experiment with more exotic and ambitious dishes such as mocha, prune and armagnac terrines, red grape and cheese tartlets and spectacular gateaux. Recipes have been gathered from right around the world, and include a pear and chocolate pecan pie, the favourite tarte tatin and crema catalana. All recipes are explained with clear step-by-step text and the book is filled with over 450 gorgeous, inspiring colour photographs to show cooks of any level of experience exactly what to aim for. With this book on your shelf, you will never be short of ideas and inspirations, both for a constantly fresh series of family treats, and for entertaining, parties and any kind of special occasion.