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Greek Cooking

Author: Rena Salaman jan cutler

ISBN10: 1844763803
ISBN13: 9781844763801

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: 8.99
Pages: 96
Edition: Paperback with flaps
Publish date: May 2007

Over 70 delicious, authentic Greek recipes - a classic collection from the heart of the sun-drenched Mediterranean Includes more than 280 specially commissioned photographs, both easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and a beautiful picture of every finished dish A carefully selected range of delectable traditional dishes captures the essence of Greek cuisine, including Taramasalata, Fish Plaki and Semolina Cake, Baked Red Mullet with Oranges, Spicy Chicken Casserole with Red Wine, and Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes Recipes range from appetizers, soups, fish and shellfish, poultry and meat, through vegetarian dishes, side dishes and salads, to desserts, cakes, sweets, pastries, cookies and breads Complete nutritional information is provided for every recipe giving values by portion for fat, calories, carbohydrate, sodium, fibre, cholesterol and calcium The food and cooking of Greece is renowned throughout the world for its use of fresh, seasonal and flavoursome Mediterranean ingredients, which are combined to produce delectable dishes that are bursting with goodness. This carefully selected range of more than 70 delicious step-by-step recipes captures the vital essence of traditional Greek cooking, and includes mezedes, soups, fish and shellfish, poultry and meat, vegetarian dishes, side dishes and salads, desserts and cakes, and sweets, pastries, cookies and breads. Dishes include all the classics, such as Octopus Salad, and Baked Salt Cod with Potatoes and Olives, Warm Halloumi and Fennel Salad, and Orange Spoon Preserve, as well as some more unusual specialities, such as Avoglemeno (rice, egg and lemon soup) and Loukoumia (a Greek version of Turkish delight).More than 280 specially commissioned colour photographs illustrate how each dish is made, as well as providing a beautiful image of the final dish. Full nutritional information provides an at-a-glance reference, and there are many suggestions for variations and accompaniments, as well as the history and traditions surrounding the dish.If you want to learn more about Greek cuisine, find out how to make some wonderful dishes using simple step-by-step instructions, and sample the fresh, potent flavours that typify this fabulous food, then this is the book for you.