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500 Soup Recipes

Author: Bridget Jones

ISBN10: 754817717
ISBN13: 9780754817710

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: 14.99
Pages: 256
Edition: Hardback with plc and jacket
Publish date: September 2007

500 soups made simple: every classic, favourite and popular soup plus chowders, broths, hot and spicy stews, consommes, dahls and much much more A concise section on successful soup-making explains the essentials of whisking, sieving, thickening and flavouring Recipes for every possible occasion, from light and healthy lunches to hearty broths, and from quick and easy weekday standbys to elegant dishes for entertaining Over 515 colour photographs show exactly how each finished soup should look, for guaranteed results All recipes contain clear step-by-step instructions, plus full nutritional information Try an unusual twist on an old favourite, such as Smoked Haddock Chowder with Sweet Thai basil, or cool summer-style blends such as Classic Gazpacho and Vichyssoise Indulge the appetite in fabulously hearty winter warmers and one-pot dishes, such as Toulouse sausage with Borlotti beans and Breadcrumbs, or Roast Lamb Shanks in Pearly Broth East meets West in a range of fantastic noodle soups, chowders, chilli- and risotto-style soups including Wonton, Pak choi and Prawn Tail Soup, Duck Broth with Orange Spiced Dumplings or Jamaican Rice and Bean Soup with Salt Cod This is the essential, easy-reference guide for soup lovers everywhere - a stunning collection of 500 recipe ideas based on one of the world's best loved dishes.From its origins as hearty yet economical fare for hungry labourers, soups have grown into a culinary phenomenon that now transcend class and culture. From truly sophisticated showpieces - the decadence of Vermouth Soup with Seared Scallops, Rocket Oil and Caviar, for example - to classic yet innovative concoctions such as Fiery Tomato Soup with Red Pepper Cream, there are options to suit every occasion and appetite.The opening of the book provides full advice on key techniques such as whisking, sieving, thickening and pureeing, plus simple and healthy ways of adding flavour, and will enable the keen cook to hone their soup-making skills and confidently take on a wide range of recipes.The heart of the book is then the 500 soup recipes with step by step instructions and each dish illustrated with a glorious colour picture of the finished result. All but the simplest soups offer delightful twists and variations. Tips and techniques for adapting ingredients, texture or spiciness are given throughout, encouraging the versatile cook to experiment with fresh meats, vegetables, herbs and spices - even fruit. The book contains every classic, popular and favourite soup from around the world as well as scores of new, innovative and contemporary ideas. Some of the most exciting dishes are the East-West fusions that often surprise in their superb marriage of flavours: sample Indian-style Lamb Soup with Rice and Coconut, American favourite Southern Succotash with Chicken, or the unique Moroccan Chicken Soup with Charmoula Butter. For those who want to combine all the merits of their favourite dishes, there is also a terrific range of one-pot dishes, including broths made with roasted meats or vegetables to fiery tagines, curried soups and risotto-style recipes that are sure to delight. Thanks to concise step-by-step instructions, and 500 stunning photographs of every finished dish, serving up sensational soups has never been easier. This excellent compendium shows how soup can be adapted to any mealtime or preference, and how - whether light and healthy or rich and smooth - this much?loved dish always succeeds in combining the best in flavour, texture and freshness in a single bowl.