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Edible Oil Processing


ISBN10: 849397456
ISBN13: 9780849397455

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $189.95
Pages: 296
Publish date: March 2000

o Covers both chemistry and process engineering Analyzes various processes and considers the most appropriate given the nature, origin and quality of oil to be processed Provides many tables and graphs Discusses the separate topics of degumming, and physical and chemical refining, essential to the food technologist Covering refined fats and oils used in the food industry, this volume presents current technology in the edible oils industry. At a professional and reference level, this volume considers issues of both chemistry and process engineering. Edible Oil Processing provides information on the types and characteristics of oils, their sources and principal fields of application, and changes in the pattern of demand. The effects of processing on oil quality are provided to give the reader important information for assessing the efficiency of different process options. Edible Oil Processing describes the best current standards of quality control for different applications (including HACCP methodology), and the safe operation and lay-out of processing plants, including provision of storage facilities for crude and processed oil. The book also includes information on waste management and environmental impact.

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