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Principles and Practice for the Safe Processing of Foods


ISBN10: 1855733625
ISBN13: 9781855733626

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $79.95
Pages: 457
Publish date: July 1998

* Comprehensive guide to food safety in processing * All aspects covered including buildings, plant layout, management of ingredients and products, and processing sanitation * Included: the microbiological basics of food safety This basic food industry handbook provides food processing managers, engineers and sanitarians with a practical, science-based guide to food safety in the context of food processing operations. All significant aspects are covered in detail, including building design and materials, plant layout and sanitation, safety aspects of processing methods, and safety management of ingredients and products. The recommended practices and procedures are presented within the framework of the Total Quality Management (TQM) approach, which emphasizes controls for safety in all processing stages. The text is organized for easy reference, illustrated with numerous schematics, and supplemented with tables containing important reference data.

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