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Dictionary of Food Compounds Web Version


ISBN10: 1420067893
ISBN13: 9781420067897

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $520.00
Pages: 0
Publish date: January 2007

Each entry includes: 1. Food source 2. Food function 3. Food use 4. Regulatory information 5. Physical properties 6. Molecular formula 7. Chemical structure 8. Systematic and trivial name 9. Bibliographical resources The Dictionary of Food Compounds Web Version: Additives, Flavors, and Ingredients provides comprehensive information on 30,000 compounds found in food, including: NATURAL FOOD CONSTITUENTS Lipids Proteins Carbohydrates Fatty acids Flavonoids Alkaloids FOOD ADDITIVES Colorants Preservatives Antioxidants Flavors FOOD CONTAMINANTS Mycotoxins NUTRACEUTICALS Probiotics Dietary Supplements Vitamins Fully searchable by text, data, and structure, the Web Version contains all the contents of the Dictionary of Food Compounds, Print Edition, in a convenient, electronic format!

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