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Food Composition and Nutrition Tables, Seventh, Revised Edition 2006


ISBN10: 3887631102
ISBN13: 9783887631109

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $199.95
Pages: 1300
Publish date: December 2007

New in the seventh edition- Updated figures for iodine Vitamin K, and purines in fish New data on amino acid and fatty acids found in milk and milk products Up-to-date information on numerous mineral values Information on glucosinolates and fatty acids as bioactive compounds in vegetables Additional foods such as spelt, seabream, lamb cuts and loin of goat This updated edition presents the huge amount of data needed for effective and accurate nutritional decisions in the production, marketing, and control of food products. It is designed for dietitians and nutritional experts, as well as food scientists, researchers, and manufacturers. The food composition and nutrition tables in this book -presented in English, German, and French - address varying nutritional requirements and allow for the constant changes in the nutritional assessment of food constituents. The seventh edition builds on the strong base of the previous editions by incorporating discussions on select new foods, investigations in bioactive compounds, as well as additional and revised data on more than 800 foods and 300 constituents.

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