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Author: Gareth Brenton , University of Wales Swansea, Swansea, UK John Monaghan , University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK Alison Ashcroft , University of Leeds, Leeds, UK

ISBN13: 9780444515285

Publisher: Elsevier

Price: 185.00
Pages: 396
Edition: Hardbound
Publish date: June 2004

This volume contains contributions based on many of the Invited Lectures given at the 16th triennial International Mass Spectrometry Conference (IMSC) in Edinburgh (September 2003) while the accompanying CD contains the Abstracts of all the accepted papers-Oral and Posters. Traditionally the IMSC has a strong emphasis on the fundamentals and new instrumentation of mass spectrometry and on instrumental developments, and this tradition has continued. There was, however, an equally strong emphasis in Edinburgh on key application areas in mass spectrometry like genomics, proteomics, metabonomics; drug metabolism and bioanalysis, discovery pharma, analysis in pharmaceutical development processes; environmental chemistry, food and nutrition, forensics, and engineering materials. The Invited Lecturers are all international experts. Their articles not only summarise the current state of mass spectrometry in their own areas of expertise but also highlight the current hot topics in mass spectrometry. A must-have for all libraries as an up-to-date summary.