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Culture of Nonsalmonid Freshwater Fishes, Second Edition


ISBN10: 849386330
ISBN13: 9780849386336

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $199.95
Pages: 352
Publish date: December 1992

Provides the latest methodologies, feed requirements, and surveys of literature Expanded and updated Culture of Nonsalmonid Freshwater Fishes, 2nd Edition presents an expanded, updated description of important techniques and practices for the culture of some of the most widely cultured nonsalmonid species used for human consumption (channel catfish, tilapia, carp) for stocking freshwater bodies for recreational fishing (bass, walleye, striped bass), and for bait (minnows). This new edition features the latest information on spawning, nutritional requirements, special culture requirements, tolerance to various water quality parameters, and types of diseases that can occur. It is an essential book for all aquaculturalists, agency fishery biologists, and students interested in freshwater aquaculture.

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