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Flavonoids in Health and Disease, Second Edition,


ISBN10: 824742346
ISBN13: 9780824742348

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $219.95
Pages: 504
Publish date: May 2003

Discusses the ability of flavonoids to modulate protein function, receptor activity, and intracellular signaling Covers flavonoid-responsive sites and tissues Clarifies the mechanisms regulating flavonoid bioavailability Revised and expanded, this blue-ribbon reference emphasizes the latest developments in the identification, utilization, and analysis of flavonoids for the prevention of disease and maintenance of good health. The book examines the processes involved in the absorption, metabolism, distribution, and excretion of these compounds and the impact of biotransformation on flavonoid function. The Second Edition contains new discussions on the potential of dietary flavonoids to attenuate neurological dysfunction and degeneration, developments in gene expression and genomics for identification of therapeutic targets and markers of disease, and the mechanisms regulating flavonoid bioavailability.

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