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Author: J.B. Woolcock , Department of Microbiology, University of Queensland, St. Lucia, Brisbane, Qld., Australia

ISBN13: 9780444430106

Publisher: Elsevier

Price: €193.00
Pages: 278
Publish date: January 1991

This volume presents microbiology as the dynamic interplay between microorganisms and their animal hosts resulting in effective production or disease. Various factors which affect that interplay are also considered.The book begins with a consideration of microorganisms constituting ”normal flora” and their role in digestion and the maintenance of health. The mechanisms by which microorganisms cause disease and how the animal host responds are then discussed. Environmental factors influencing the interaction between animal host and microorganism are considered as well as the implications for animal housing. The epidemiology of infectious disease is given considerable attention. The impact of antibiotics on animal production and the problems of antibiotic resistance are discussed, and there is a major section dealing with the implications of animal production for human health.The volume ends with a consideration of the microbial principles involved in the utilisation of animal waste and in meat processing. Each chapter presents an overview of a topic in sufficient depth to expose the key principles involved. The book is intended for agricultural and veterinary libraries, animal production scientists and graduate students.