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Functional Foods: Fruits and Vegetables


ISBN10: 1420052284
ISBN13: 9781420052282

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $129.95
Pages: 368
Publish date: June 2008

Provides the first volume dedicated to examining fruits and vegetables for functional food aspects Reviews the current and future international market for functional foods Examines systems for ensuring the safety of fruits and vegetables across the globe Addresses the evidence for individual functionalities Includes chapters written by worldwide experts in functional foods Each chapter in this exceptionally authoritative volume provides a highly detailed and critical overview of the major issues regarding fruits and vegetables as functional foods. Chapters written by international experts address the evidence for individual functionalities from enhanced satiety to improved GI tract health and cover claims regarding a variety of cancers and cardio problems, as well as obesity, diabetes, and other health issues. An essential resource for anyone involved in the food industry or nutrition, Functional Foods: Fruits and Vegetables also covers the design and breeding of new functional food products, forecasted to be part of a $167 billion global industry by 2010.

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