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Sensory Evaluation Techniques, Fourth Edition


ISBN10: 849338395
ISBN13: 9780849338397

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $89.95
Pages: 464
Publish date: December 2006

Explains numerous tests, including sensory, attribute, descriptive, and affective (consumer) Defines several classic qualitative and quantitative methods for testing with consumers Includes substantial explanations of fuzzy front end and Internet research techniques Presents basic concepts for tabular and graphical summaries, hypothesis testing, and the design of sensory panels Examines multifactor experiments and multivariate techniques, such as cluster analysis, regression analysis, and partial least-squares Provides statistical tables as well as guidelines for choosing techniques and for reporting results From listing the steps involved in a sensory evaluation project to presenting advanced statistical methods, Sensory Evaluation Techniques, Fourth Edition covers all phases of sensory evaluation. Like its bestselling predecessors, this edition continues to detail all sensory tests currently in use, to promote the effective employment of these tests, and to describe major sensory evaluation practices. The expert authors have updated and added many areas in this informative guide. New to this edition are expanded chapters on qualitative and quantitative consumer research and the Spectrum? method of descriptive sensory analysis that now contains full descriptive lexicons for numerous products, such as cheese, mayonnaise, spaghetti sauce, white bread, cookies, and toothpaste. Also new in this chapter is a set of revised flavor intensity scales for crispness, juiciness, and some common aromatics. The book now includes an overview of Thurstonian scaling that examines the decision processes employed by assessors during their evaluations of products. Another addition is a detailed discussion of data-relationship techniques, which link data from diverse sources that are collected on the same set of examples. With numerous examples and sample tests, Sensory Evaluation Techniques, Fourth Edition remains an essential resource that illustrates the development of sensory perception testing.

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