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Dimensions of Food, Sixth Edition


ISBN10: 849391989
ISBN13: 9780849391989

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $64.95
Pages: 336
Publish date: May 2006

Explains the connection between good nutrition and good health Presents material in an organized, sequential manner, beginning with the demonstration of key principles through their application Emphasizes how to preserve both the nutritional value and the palatability of food Contains exercises and problems to facilitate the learning of key principles The sixth edition of Dimensions of Food explores the relationship between good nutrition and optimum heatlh, as well as the connection between careful food preparation and wholesome eating. It allows for the exploration and understanding of the multidimensional nature of food and how to maximize the culinary experience. The first part of the book explores the economic, nutritional, palatability, sanitation, chemical, and processing aspects of food. The demonstrations and exercises in the second part of the book provide basic understanding of the functional and structural properties of various food groups, including starches, fruits and vegetables, eggs, dairy, meat, poultry, and fish. The third part features microwave cookery, focusing on effective procedures for foods such as heating and defrosting, while the fourth part discusses creative meal planning and preparation. The book also includes extensive appendices covering timely topics such as current legislation governing food supply, recent dietary guidelines, meat and egg safe cooking regulations, cooking terms, cuisine terminology, as well as a buying guide and a spice and herb chart. What's New in the Sixth Edition: Includes a new section, Dietitian's Notes, that appears in numerous chapters and provides relevant health information Provides the latest American Dietary Guidelines and the updated Food Pyramid Offers expanded recipe selection, representing more cultural and geographic diversity Presents additional photos and figures to illustrate concepts Provides useful appendices and updated website addresses Contains perforated pages designed for ease of use

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