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Mitochondria in Health and Disease


ISBN10: 824754425
ISBN13: 9780824754426

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $179.95
Pages: 640
Publish date: September 2005

Written by experts in their respective fields of mitochondrial study Includes bioenergetics of mitochondria, population surveys using mitochondria, oxidative stress and alterations of gene expression in human aging, and mitochondrial mutations in vision Provides an overview of mitochondria as well as specific functions and effects of mutation Relates mitochondrial function to disease Describes effects of drugs, nutrients, and hormones on mitochondrial function It was once assumed that mitochondrial diseases were rare and that few people were affected. As knowledge has grown about these organelles and their function, it became clear that mitochondrial malfunction could be linked to several chronic diseases. Diabetes has been associated with DNA mutation and can cause mutation itself. This text discusses findings involving the effects of disease on mitochondrial number, mitogenesis, and the base sequence of mitochondrial DNA. Experts discuss their study of mitochondria and what happens when it malfunctions. This book also explores the idea that mutated mitochondrial DNA can result in disease, and vice versa.

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