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Extract measurement in brewhouse and beer

 What is measured and for what reason:
 Why is it special:
 How can it be solved best:
Extract measurement in brewhouse and beer production

What is measured and for what reason:

The extract is the capital of the brewer. All work in the brewhouse is done to get sugar (extract) in the most easy and efficient way. Several process steps, like lautering and boiling are controlled depended on the amount of extract. Some breweries use the amount of sugar for internal yield calculation within the different departments of a brewery. The product is mostly hot in these applications. To avoid cavitations, back pressure and vertical installation is demanded. Gas bubbles are usually no problem. The system can be used in the fermentation area, as a Platomass (multiple tank) or as a single tanks solution, to control the process, save time, energy and tank capacity. Later in the filtration area it can be used again for internal balancing.

Why is it special:

The inline measurement of density combined with the flow measurement opens the possibility to safe time and money. The process environment is extreme, due to heat, steam, dust, humidity and all other circumstances in a brewhouse. The system should be included in the usual production and cleaning cycles, without any bypasses, online all the time.

How can it be solved best:

Using a high accurate Coriolis meter, no additional instrumentation is needed. The high accurate process meter gives the density as quality value, calculates the °Plato or °Brix and the amount of sugar that passed the instrument.

Voor meer informatie: Endress+Hauser GmbH

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