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Flash pasteurizing or ultra heating, data recording

 What is measured and for what reason:
 Why is it special:
 How can it be solved best:
Flash pasteurizing or ultra heating, data recording

What is measured and for what reason:

The product, wether it is Juice, Milk, Beer or what ever, is heated up to a defined temperature, keep at this temperature for a defined time and then cooled back to process temperature. The pasteurizer provides data about pressures, flow, temperature, and more. All these data are very important to report for quality evaluation and tracking and tracing reasons.

Why is it special:

Several different instruments prepare one entire picture how the process worked. Pasteurizing is often not a batch process. So it is important to have all these data in one system to see the connections within vorfälle during one process cycle. Several countries have special laws for milk heating systems which also cover the needs of data recording

How can it be solved best:

The Endress+Hauser Memograph is a good solution, because it is able to pick up all the different information and record it in a very visual way. It is compliant to the FDA and the European laws for milk heating system. The stainless steel housing fits perfect in the rough process environment. Integration in other systems is easy possible, as well as sampling the information by a hardware like diskette or stick. Memograph S is compliant to the 21CFR part 11 about data recorders security needs.

Voor meer informatie: Endress+Hauser GmbH

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