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Hygienic wall plate

 Properties of the New Ramic® plate:
 Advantages of the New Ramic® plate:
 Examples of use:
 Easy maintenance:
 Delivery period
The design of the New Ramic® plate, which originated in France 15 years ago, takes into account the increasingly stringent sanitation and hygiene requirements in all environments where perfect cleanliness and asepsis are essential.
The New Ramic® plate is 3 mm thick and is used to cover walls. The visible surface of the plate is coated with a white gel suitable for use with foodstuffs. Thanks to the smooth, shiny surface, it fulfils the criteria set for contact with food and does not promote the development of germs.
It is designed to cover walls in new buildings but also, above all, to restore wall surfaces that are damaged or dirty or which no longer comply with current standards.
In order to obtain the best possible result, the plate should be used as part of an overall application (plate - adhesive - joint) and fitted using a specific technique.


Properties of the New Ramic® plate:

  • Odourless
  • Unalterable
  • Very long service life (fitted at KJS over 12 years ago)
  • Mildew-proof
  • Shock-proof and resistant to stains, humidity and certain acids
  • No product adherence, no germ adhesion
  • Modular sizes (from 2 m to 6 m in multiples of 50 cm with a width of 1.20 m)
  • Complies with HACCP standards. M1 approval underway

Advantages of the New Ramic® plate:

  • Can be fitted on all types of support: wood, tiles, hollow blocks, cellular concrete, architectonic concrete, sandwich panels, etc.
  • Can be used to reinforce and repair existing coverings, even partially
  • Odourless plate and adhesive, enabling fitting during production.
  • No loss of work space owing to the thinness of the plate
  • Perfect finish around special technical units (pipes, cable trays, air-conditioning ducts, etc.)
  • Increased luminosity.

Examples of use:

  • In production and storage areas in the agri-foodstuffs, chemicals or pharmaceuticals industry
  • In hospital environments (operating theatres, sterilisation rooms, laundries, kitchens, etc.),
  • In professional kitchens (restaurants, catering firms, etc.)
  • In butchers and bakers (industrial or traditional)
  • In the washrooms in public facilities

Easy maintenance:

  • The New Ramic® plate has been tested with REALCO detergents such as Alkamousse, Enzymousse, Degres-L and Atlantol.
  • Withstands washing pressure.

Delivery period

  • The New Ramic® plate is now produced in Belgium by CCL, whose policy is to maintain substantial stocks of both plates and of adhesives or joints. The average delivery period is one week.


  • By your usual contractor or by a specially appointed contractor. However, we can recommend a partner company which has already fitted over 40,000 m² of New Ramic® plates.

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