Technologie om vieze smaak te verhinderen van functionele ingrediŽnten

donderdag 15 maart 2007

WILD's Resolver® Technology aids in reducing undesirable notes in food and beverage products. This proprietary ingredient is helpful in blocking off-notes associated with vitamins, soy, bitterness, and acidity. WILD recognizes that consumers are increasingly health-conscious, and Resolver® Technology can make healthy foods and beverages taste better. Resolver® works through specially designed natural flavors that block the taste receptors' ability to taste bitterness and astringency, leading to fewer off-taste issues associated with functional ingredients. The Resolver® ingredients work synergistically when combined with other carefully selected flavor components -- producing flavorings that are tailored to solve specific flavor problems in particular applications. Resolver® Technology is also available in organic-compliant varieties for use in the organic marketplace.

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