MicroCheese model: snel productiesysteem om kaasvarianten te testen (en)

maandag 27 augustus 2007

High throughput cheese manufacturing for screening and testing is now possible with the development of a new manufacturing system in which as many as 600 micro cheeses can be made. The miniature cheeses can subsequently be tested and analysed for relevant attributes such as flavour profile and texture properties as well as bacterial activity and viability. The system, developed at NIZO food research, makes cost effective large scale screening a reality.

‘The MicroCheese model system opens a vast number of opportunities in cheese research’ says Dr. Johan van Hylckama Vlieg, Principal Scientist at NIZO food research. He sees opportunities in the field of improving starter cultures and cheese ingredients as well as in assessing microbial safety aspects but also for product development in rapidly developing areas including low fat and low salt cheeses. Screening costs are dramatically reduced which for the first time makes large scale screening a cost effective reality.

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