Kwaliteitsbewaking in aseptische vullijnen

donderdag 19 april 2007

Aseptic Validation Medium – AVM
AVM is used for detecting beverage spoiling micro-organisms in aseptic filling processes using standard production parameters – easy-to-use, flexible and reliable.

Key Benefits:
  • Validation of aseptic filling lines conforming to standard production parameters
  • Regular re-certifi cation, e.g. once or twice a year, after maintenance or reconstruction etc.
  • Trouble-shooting and risk management
  • Integration of additional modular units such as mixer is possible
  • Reliable and sensitive monitoring for critical areas
  • Fast and standardised method with simplifi ed visual analysis without special technical equipment and additional microbiological testing methods for reviewing the aseptic condition of a fi lling line
  • Cost savings by avoiding subsequent problems caused by a random sample assessment
  • Important tool for certifi cation complying with the new ISO 22000 food safety management standard, the preventative risk management (HACCP system) and accredited standards such as IFS and BRC

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