KleenHeat® Pollution Control removes oil, odors and particulates from fryer exhaust (en)

maandag 7 januari 2008

KleenHeat® combines efficient external heating of cooking oil with superior pollution control. Surpassing simple afterburner technology, KleenHeat connects to your fryer exhaust stack and incinerates virtually all odors, oil and other particulates that would normally pollute the air and area around your plant.

Regulatory agencies worldwide recognize KleenHeat’s pollution control method as the "Best Available Control Technology" (BACT) and increasingly require this equipment for new and upgraded fryer lines.

KleenHeat exceeds the thermal efficiency of ordinary heat exchangers that don’t offer pollution control! Low oil volume promotes fast oil turnover and inhibits formation of free fatty acids. Rapid, uniform heat transfer allows your fryer to respond quicker to changes in product load, and protects oil quality by maintaining a low oil film temperature.

Fines never accumulate inside KleenHeat’s unique self-cleaning cooking oil circulation tube bundles. Tubes last longer and cleaning is accomplished during routine fryer system boil-out.

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