Domo führt ein Proteinkonzentrat ein, das Sahnigkeit und Viskosität kombiniert (en)

Donnerstag 6 September 2007

Friesland Foods Domo introduces a new generation of whey protein concentrates that combine creaminess and viscosity in a single product.

DOMO Hiprotal 60MP is suitable for use in dairy applications like yoghurt and yoghurt drinks. It ensures the retention of the product’s creaminess, but with less fat. With this product, Friesland Foods Domo caters for the growing demand for low-fat ingredients; 1% of DOMO Hiprotal 60MP replaces 3% of milk fat. The product is interesting from a technological point of view because the end product achieves a similar consistency using less protein. Use of the new protein concentrate results in decreases in ingredients costs, easier formulation (one ingredient rather than mixtures) and no mention of E numbers and additives is necessary on the packaging because DOMO Hiprotal 60MP has a natural dairy origin.

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