Buch: Rapid methods for food and feed quality determination (en)

Dienstag 18 September 2007

There is an ever-increasing need for rapid methods and instrumentation in the field of food and feed quality. Key issues dealt with in the food and feed industry include: monitoring of processes at all stages; showing due diligence in the control of food and nutritional quality; achieving rapid results for detecting (micro)biological, chemical and physical deterioration of food and feed; and finally, detecting rapidly and reliably food authenticity and/or adulteration. Developments in analytical techniques have led to the emergence of a wide range of rapid methods to complement the traditional methods. Faster results, higher productivity, lower costs and increased sensitivity are key concepts for all those involved in writing this book. Key topics include:
- emerging rapid technologies;
- rapid monitoring of food and nutritional quality;
- rapid testing of quality deterioration and spoilage;
- rapid testing of authenticity and adulteration;
- quality tracking & tracing and rapid testing.

The methods and techniques presented here, in their varying degree of complexity, will be a valuable resource for researchers and professionals from the food and feed industry as well as from the scientific community. This book is an ideal supplement to 'Rapid Methods for biological and chemical contaminants in food and feed' as published in 2005.

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