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The CyberjEt tank cleaning robot in short

The CyberjEt is a CIP tank cleaning machine that uses robot technology for steering the motion of the jetting directions. The unique feature of the CyberjEt is that it takes into account the tank shape and rigidity of the local pollution to be removed. This saves huge amounts of cleaning agent, time, energy and waste water.

Ordinary rotating tank washing machines will spray water evenly in all 360° directions around. This results in the furthest corners receiving only a fraction of the amount of water sprayed to nearby places. They form the bottle-neck in the cleaning process. As a rule of thumb, a point twice as far away, receives only 1/8th of the amount of water. The CyberjEt eliminates this by distributing cleaning agent evenly over the entire inner surface of the tank. A special CAD program is used for entering the shape and size of the tank. It’s inner surfaces are covered virtually with a pattern for the jet’s to follow. Local CIP intensities and following order of cleaned surfaces are written in a small cleaning recipe. After judging the motion in animation on screen, the program calculates the speed and steering coordinates for the robot driving motors to follow. After burning them in the controller, the CyberjEt is ready to be started either by hand or by a signal from a factory PLC.

As a result of using robot technology, the CyberjEt is the first and only CIP machine that can do a perfectly reproducible and verifiable cleaning job. Typical problems like dirt behind baffles, or difficult cleanable rims at the filling height in the tank, can be handled easily. Even spot washing is possible.

The CyberjEt controller can cooperate with a factory plc either by hardwiring or much simpler by receiving commands over the TCP/IP LAN network. Alternatively the controller itself may be used as PLC for reading switches and sensors or for driving pumps and valves.

Since the jetting motion does not depend on water displacement through the machine, a CyberjEt can operate at any pressure (up to 25 bar) or flowrate using any nozzle size or cleaning liquid. Under vacuum it is even possible to use gas as a cleaning agent. This is especially interesting for pharmaceutical applications, where a few extra kilo’s incredibly costly product can be removed from a dryer without spoiling it.

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