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Win-win situation for Charkdelikatesser

Reduced environmental impact combined with a dramatically reduced consumption of chemicals and water are only some of the advantages which Charkdelikatesser Produktion AB have achieved by changing the washing procedure for smoking trolleys.

Chardelikatesser Produktion AB and Lagafors started working together in the middle of the 80s and since then the two companies have developed a number of special solutions together. The latest project is a new method to clean smoking trolleys, which has resulted in a number of both economical and environmental advantages for Chardelikatesser Produktion.

Generally speaking the environmental awareness is high at Charkdelikatesser Produktion and it is explicitly stated in the environmental policy that all company activities should be economical on resources and careful towards both the internal and external environment. The idea to reduce the consumption of chemicals when cleaning the hanging smoking trolleys by changing the washing procedure was born as a result of this reasoning.

Special solution
A tailor made solution was developed in close collaboration with Lagafors consisting of nozzles which were installed in an existing smoking cupboard. The cleaning unit as such, i.e. the dish tank, the control equipment and chemical application equipment are placed in the centralized chemical and pump central in the basement. The cupboard is then filled up with smoking trolleys and the washing takes place behind closed doors.

Thanks to the closed, circulating system the consumption of chemicals has been reduced from 335 liters/week to about 35 liters/week. The water consumption has also gone down as the new washing procedure only demands 10 minutes rinsing instead of the previous 20 minutes, i.e. a saving of approximately 600 liters per washing.

”We are very pleased with the new system which has been in operation since the beginning of January this year”, says Svante Qvarnström, responsible for the smoking division at Charkdelikatesser Produktion. ”The use of chemicals has been reduced radically and together with the lower water consumption the complete unit has paid itself off in only 24 months”, says Svante. ”The development work with Lagafors went smooth and easy and all adjustments which were needed were solved directly by the personnel”, he adds. “Yes, the best things about Lagafors is that they are competent, creative and that we have their service so close”, says Kjell Pålsson, responsible for the workshop at Charkdelikatesser Produktion. ”We have a good relationship with the employees at the company and if we need some spare part urgently they normally come over immediately, which is very important for us as we can’t afford to stop production, neither from a time perspective, nor from an economical perspective”, Kjell adds.

Other gains
The new computerized smoking trolley washer has not only resulted in reduced consumption of chemicals and water and thereby lower environmental impact, it has meant time saving for the staff too. “An automatic washing system also means a quality guarantee for a safer result from a bacteriological point of view”, says Pär-Magnus Elmblad, key account at Lagafors. “A closed system solution such as this one additionally brings along safer handling of chemicals as the used quantity is reduced dramatically”, he concludes.

Lagafors equipment
Apart from the washing system for smoking trolleys, Charkdelikatesser Produktion
also uses a special solution from Lagafors conceived for the cleaning of the
stainless steel tubes
which are utilized for the transport of processed pieces of
meat. Lagafors has additionally delivered a tub trolley dishwasher and adapted it
to the existing dishwasher park, and foam application equipment for foam
application on walls and machines. At Charkdelikatesser Produktion you can also find
a dosing unit from Lagafors for the cleaning of smoking cupboards and smoking
cupboard channels.

Facts & figures
Charkdelikatesser Produktion AB, located in Halmstad on the south west coast of
Sweden, produces approximately 2500 tonnes of cured meat every year and have
some 80 employees in production. The company is part of the stock market listed
food stuff group, AB Sardus, since 1982.

Source: Lagafors Fabriks AB

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