EHEDG Advanced Course on Hygienic Design (en)

Montag 10 Dezember 2012 - Donnerstag 13 Dezember 2012

The course provides knowledge of and insight into the hygienic design of equipment and processes for the food, feed and pharmaceutical industry, to better fulfil the wishes of purchasers and retailers. These include minimising down time, maintenance, cleaning costs and environmental impact, but also efficient cleaning, optimal product safety and constant product quality. The design should comply with present legislation and standards, but can also anticipate future changes.

The course is meant for mechanical engineers, constructors, draughtsmen, project managers and sales-engineers, active with machine construction for the food, feed and pharmaceutical industry, including the engineering offices. Participants can originate from different sub-branches.

The course is also excellent for the technical and quality assurance staff of the food, feed and pharmaceutical industry itself.

  • Design Constraints and Requirements
  • Know your EnemyTM
  • Scientific background EHEDG documents
  • Hygienic Design of Food Production Systems
  • Material of Construction
  • Welding Stainless Steel
  • Static Seals and Couplings
  • Case Study: Spray Ball
  • Rheology / Thermodynamics
  • Valves
  • Dynamics Seals (Pumps)
  • Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Continuous Thermal Treatment Processes
  • Open Equipment Design
  • Packaging
  • Supporting Activities - Lubrication Use
  • Building & Process Lay Out
  • Supporting Activities - Installation & Maintenance Procedures
  • Case Study (Pilot Plant) and Plenary Discussion
  • Integration of Hygienic Systems
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Burggraaf & Partners

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