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Table of Contents THE PRESENT STATUSIntroductionA Perspective on Events Leading up to the PresentThe Present Status on the Threshold of the Third MillenniumCUSTOMERS, CONSUMERS, AND CONSUMERISMAn Introduction to ChangeGetting to Know All the ProtagonistsThe Impact of Change During the Past Thousand YearsTechniques for Understanding Customers and ConsumersIssues Confounding Knowledge of the Customer/ConsumerMARKETING AND MARKETSWhat's in a NameThe Technology of MarketingMarketing and the Global VillageTHE SELLING FIELDS: THE ARENAS FOR MARKETINGSetting the StageThe Many Selling ArenasThe Varied MarketplacesThe Computer, the Internet, and the MarketplaceEnter: The Electronic Food MarketplaceNUTRITION AND HEALTHA Growing ConcernThe Nutritional SciencesThe MacronutrientsThe Micronutrients: Biologically Active Non-nutrientsChallenges for the New NutritionGenetics and NutritionMedical FoodsThe Quest for a Long and Healthy LifeExploiting the Consumer's QuestTHE CHALLENGE OF EVER NEWER TECHNOLOGIESAn Accelerating Pace of Technological ChangeOld Technologies, New HazardsNew Technologies: What Hazards?FOOD SAFETY, RISK, AND QUALITYAll I Ask of Food is that It Doesn't Harm MeMajor Issues Causing Concern for Food SafetyAn Erosion of a Belief in the God of Science and Its ApostlesSummaryLEGISLATIVE DILEMMAS IN THE NEW MILLENNIUMHere Lay the DilemmaHow the Dilemma for Food Legislators AroseThe Quest for a Safe and Wholesome Food SupplyTHE ISSUES, THE PROBLEMS, MAYBE SOME SOLUTIONSAn Age of TechnologyThe Legacy from the Second MillenniumFighting the Current: Forces in the MarketplaceThe Challenges: A Summary of Confusing Issues