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Food, Consumers, and the Food Industry: Catastrophe or Opportunity?


ISBN10: 849323266
ISBN13: 9780849323263

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $99.95
Pages: 312
Publish date: Januar 2001

A tabulated history of the development of food science and technology and nutrition to outline how and when pertinent issues developed Tables describing scientific and political developments coincident with food developments Presentation of critical food issues in a readable, non-technical fashion During the past, there have been many changes in food availability, production and selection around the world. These changes, such as genetically modified foods, raise questions about their long-range implications. How will they affect the worldwide economics and management of agriculture? food legislation? the environment? the determination of food safety and quality? nutrition and health? Food, Consumers, and the Food Industry: Catastrophe or Opportunity? describes the major changes and answers the questions concerning them. It presents information that decision-makers in the field can utilize on such topics as: o Consumers and consumerism o Marketing and the marketplace o Retailing o Nutrition and health o Impact of new technologies Food, Consumers, and the Food Industry encourages you to set aside the truth of science to consider how political, economic, social, and cultural institutions can work to avoid a possible crisis.